Friday, December 07, 2007

I hate Hummers

Yes, it's true. Anyone who knows me knows that. If you don't know me, now you know that.

Well, the smallest Hummer, the H3, is now available in a new version - the "Alpha". (I mean, that name alone gives you a clue to why I'm not a fan.)

Anyhow, the review of it in the September issue of Automobile magazine, they said: "With the five-cylinder version already returning lousy fuel economy, a pretty strong case can be made for upgrading to the V8 [Alpha] for [an extra] $8,500. Why deny the fat man dessert?"

Disclaimer: if you live in rural Kenya, a Hummer would be a very useful vehicle to have - excepts parts are not available anywhere near Africa.


Rob said...

I was just talking with my wife about how useless hummers are. But come to think of it, in some rural parts of the country,they've got to be pretty handy.

Personally, I'd love to have one out on the rocks like in the picture.

Merry Christmas!

The Lone Beader said...

I think Hummers are ugly, plus it's hard to find a parkin spot in one!

Orrange said...

we were driving behind a hummer this weekend and honestly thought it was a ups truck until we got next to it!