Friday, June 06, 2008

Consider changing that option

One of the hallmarks of the interactive age is commenting on blogs.

If you allow comments on your blog, I'd suggest that you disable the feature where you moderate comments. Why?

1. If a comment is made and can be seen right away, it gives the commenter immediate feedback that their comment is published.

2. Negative and harmful comments are few. (Out of the maybe 1,500 comments I have received over the years, probably only 3 were in that category.) You can always delete them. If you enable emails to be sent to your inbox whenever a comment is made, you can delete them right away.

3. Not getting a message saying you have a comment to approve means one less little annoying message you have to deal with.

A related thing you should do is comment spam prevention. (You know - it's where the commenter must type a word in a box for their comment to be accepted.)

Or, for a totally different perspective on comments, go here. Mark basically says he doesn't have the time or energy for comments.

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