Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Somebody's got money

FerrariWe keep hearing about how the economy is in recession (or on its way there). That's not the case for some folks. Ferrari of Denver is expanding.

Bear in mind that a new Ferrari costs about $200,000. And it's not a fuel miser. The waiting list (if you want a new one) is about five years.

I'm not knocking Ferrari of Denver. They have a very clean showroom and some great deals, if you're in that bracket and want a used luxury performance automobile.

As I was taking the photos, the site construction manager ran up to me to basically chase me off. He escorted me to Bill, the kind gentleman that runs the place. Bill was very gentle, knowledgable and courteous. I learned a lot in the time we spent chatting.


Rob said...

Now that's funny. Bill sounds like a nice guy. I take it there was no offer of a test drive ☺?

Paul Merrill said...

No test drive offer - I didn't even ask.