Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pretty signs are not going to improve the neighborhood

farmers branch signFarmer's Branch is a neighborhood just north of Dallas. They have some relatively affordable housing.

So as I was driving along Josey Lane, I noticed the street signs. Nice.

But good signs are not enough to make everything nicer. I guess a little bit of niceness is better than none at all.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet a nickel that the sign shown isn't actually in front of that house!

- Rich

Marti said...

You suspect Paul of using his artistic license? Well now, could be...

I'm not sure I like red as a color for street signs. It's kind of anxiety-producing, don't you think?

Paul Merrill said...

It is in front of the house! I am too busy to doctor photos to illustrate a point. Besides, that would negate the whole post.

Red? That would not be my choice, but then again, I wouldn't spend the money on any new signs for that neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

You're right; my mistake!

I had thought that the picture and house number didn't match the corner house, so I figured that you'd just combined the sign with an ugly house down the block for the sake of the picture. Without changing the original point (pretty sign, ugly neighborhood).

But looking again and rereading the number on the curb more carefully, I see that it is the corner house after all.

I certainly never meant to impugn your blogging integrity, for which I have great respect.

Your nickel's in the mail.


Paul Merrill said...

No problem...