Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer solstice and weird fertility

Lest you think I'm launching into some sermon on a strange seasonal cult, bear with me...

Saturday the 21st was the longest day of the year. When we lived in England, it was a big event for us. Since our English home was so much further north than Colorado is, the longest day was really long. (And the shortest day was really short.) Inevitably, though, it was a cloudy evening. When I got the video camera out to mark the event, dusk wasn't as impressive as it could have been.

So back to this life - summer has been fun. We've enjoyed sunny days and cookouts and our kids being able to play outside till much later than when school's in session.

Fertility? Somehow this summer has been marked by plants producing more spore than any other summer here in my memory. (See this post, too.) The photo? It's cottonwood fluff, along a neighbor's yard edge. It has been "fluffing" so much that some days, it's almost like a snowstorm.

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Orrange said...

we call that stuff, "summer snow"