Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why Apple, part 3

bottom of toshibabottom of macbook proTurn your laptop upside-down. It will reveal something about the philosophy of the manufacturer. My wife's Toshiba is at the top. My Mac is at the bottom.

This simpleness extends to much more than just the external design. The Mac software interface exhibits that same simplicity compared to the big other guy.

(Whenever I do these kinds of posts, I am too lazy to look up how many times I touched on the topic before; thus the title.)


Anonymous said...

A picture is worth 1000 words sometimes. It pretty much says it all.

Rob said...

I've finally found some good tune-up software that keeps my Windows machine running smoothly (seems goofy that I actually have to say that) but a Mac will be my next computer. XP has done pretty well by me, though. My wife will be getting a Mac laptop pretty soon. I'll probably want to borrow it all the time.

Partners in Grime said...

Congrats on the Mac. Time Machine sure is implemented well.