Friday, June 27, 2008

Environmental before it was hip

Geo MetroWe used to own a Geo Metro (made by Suzuki). 3 cylinders, 999cc. Great fuel economy, not so fast.

I loved that car. We ultimately had to sell it because it didn't have 3 seatbelts in the back. (We got a third kid in 2001.) Why couldn't we just have installed a third seatbelt? I think a non-factory installation wouldn't have been very safe. Plus, if I'm remembering right, it had no air conditioning.

We sold it to a friends, Matt and Leslie. They got it for their daughter to learn on. Apparently it served them well, for three or four more years.

A buddy told me that they're now going for good prices on eBay. Shoulda kept the thing. Sigh.


TheElementary said...

I know that feeling. Bu if things could so easily be predicted then the world would be different and people would act accordingly, spoiling all chances of winning lottery, making profit on housing market, and so on.
What a gorgeous car though. I would really like one.

The Lone Beader said...

I dunno. I still like big ol' gas guzzling American cars better. LOL.