Tuesday, November 18, 2008

5 photos

Jon Swanson tagged me. (5 things is the meme. 5 pictures is my particular assignment.)

From the top:

a) Littleton, Colorado - the sunset out our front door.

b) Grave marker in England.

c) Pancakes.

d) Reno, Nevada.

e) The 2003 Denver snowstorm - that's our picnic table!

I tag Eddie: 5 most memorable restaurant experiences. Marti: 5 most relaxing vacation moments. Barb: 5 best home-schooling moments. Richard: 5 best grandparent times. (All - don't feel like you have to participate.)


richies said...

That's quite the eclectic mix there. I will get around to my assignment in a couple of days.

An Arkie's Musings

Marti said...

hmm, not sure I can do that. relaxing vacation moments? the stressful ones come to mind so much more quickly - uncomfortable and bewildering places, companions who want to blast the A/C, stay up /sleep in until all hours, fights over what to do, the things we go to visit being closed - vacation is no fun. No wonder I avoid it! But, wait, then, maybe I need such an assignment to help adjust my thinking on this...