Saturday, November 01, 2008

Coffee, the best way

Yes, even Starbucks says the best way to make coffee is with a coffee press. That is the way I do it. That is the way you should, if you can spare the time. I make time for that each morning, somewhere around 6:15.

As faithful readers will know, I am too lazy to grind the beans. (That would mean starting at 6:08, unless I got one of those coffee makers that does everything but put a hot cup in your cold hands.) I just buy them ground.

A warning however - the caffeine content is a bit higher when a press is used, compared to a filter.


Anonymous said...

Paul, how did you manage to have this posted on your blog with the date of Thursday, 6 November 2008? Does this mean that you already know the results of next Tuesday's election as well? Boy...that's some kind of special caffeine in that coffee of yours ;-)

Dave in KL

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Okay, little confused you place the whole beans in your press, pour hot water, let it sit five minutes then press? Whole beans? How does the flavor come out?

The Lone Beader said...

I have been meaning to try that! But, I'm really not a coffee drinker.

Paul Merrill said...

If you haven't started drinking coffee, skip it. I love it, but it's another pleasure that costs money. Plus the caffeine is bad for your heart. But it's a great social thing to join a friend for a cup of coffee. But you can always have tea in those situations.

Susan said...


Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog. I wasn't familiar with The Seed Company site, but now I am!

I love my French press! It makes great coffee!

God bless,


Rob said...

I hate French presses. They are the work of the devil. Or maybe I'm just horribly uncoordinated.
Anyways, I found that if I just pour boiling water from the water cooker (that my wife uses for her tea) into the coffee maker, I get coffee that is soooooo good. Really.