Tuesday, November 25, 2008


pianoOur son Ben has made piano his instrument. He's the piano player for his middle school jazz band. The result is that I hear a few pieces over and over. Practice is essential to get it right. The fallout is that I get to hear those musical themes enough that they become part of my dreams at night.

I have a difficult time filtering music out of my consciousness. It's front-and-center, whether I like it or not.

What noise is there in your life and how do you deal with it?


jnswanson said...

white noise. I find white noise.

but not often enough.

richies said...

No matter how quiet music is when I hear it, I strain to listen. I guess I just need music. My wife tunes it out, and doesn't realize it is playing, or at least has no idea what is playing.

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Julie Layne said...

What you might call beautiful music in your house is still often noise in ours--oboe! Kristen is doing really well, but there is the occasional scary note.

I like quiet. I work with only quiet on nearly every day. I love my music, too, but it usually distracts me from actual work.

Paul Merrill said...

I love quiet too. I love (some kinds of) music - but only when I can give it my attention.

And my wife is much better at filtering out music than I am, too!

Dana said...

I'm much better at filtering out music that really drives me nuts than I am music I like or know well. If I like it, my brain keeps wandering back to it, wanting to tune into it, no matter what else I need to focus on. Whereas, if it's annoying, my brain just decides it doesn't want to hear it, so it shuts it out. I can usually do that with kid noises unless it escalates to arguing.

Also, I find that I and the other people who share my MBTI "S" tendency seem to have an easier time blocking out background noise, than the "N"s I know. I don't know if there is anytyhing to that, or if it's just coincidence among my friends.