Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Mercedes to lay off 4,000 in Alabama

The reason? The plant makes nothing but SUVs.

I have the answer - there's a wonderful car they already make - the A-Class. It is sold all over the rest of the world. (I even test-drove one in Nairobi.) It's about the size of a Honda Fit - small. America is totally ready for this car. The Fit is selling like hot cakes.

Mercedes should just re-tool the plant to make A-Classes. Expensive? Yes. But it would pay off in the long run. I guarantee.

The A-Class is just as safe as their larger cars. Of course it gets way better fuel economy and is cheaper than the rest of their line. You would be surprised at how much luggage space and passenger room there is inside.

I also heard that Mercedes is planning to stop building the A-Class. Hello, wake up!

ps Of course everyone's writing about Obama winning, but I thought you might enjoy reading a post that has nothing to do with that. Election results are more important than my post, but I thought you could use the break. The image is courtesy of the Mercedes Germany website.

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