Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sieze the day

concordeTime magazine came with a luxury living supplement recently. I love those sorts of things, maybe for the vicarious pleasure they bring.

Some of the luxuries mentioned are so far from my reality that they are laughable. (A crocodile men's bag from Dolce & Gabbana for a mere $45,695 - that has a waiting list of those wanting to buy it?! And then there were the $5,400 casual driving shoes.)

Famous industrial designer Karim Rasid said flying on a Concorde jet was his best travel experience - three weeks before they ended service in 2003. While we lived in England, we could have flown on a Concorde for a short hop from London to Finland for (almost) cheap. We didn't. So I will never get to fly on the Concorde.

People are way more important than flying on a Concorde. Some people will only be in our lives for a short time. What person do you need to spend time with that you may never be able to again?

Photo courtesy of Air France.

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richies said...

Thanks for the perspective.

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