Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Consumer tip, no. 371

gas pricesYes, it's the big election day, so here's a post to give you a break from Obama-McCain.

So here's the tip...Wait to fill up your tank till the warning light comes on.

Reason? If you wait another day, the price will probably drop a few more cents per gallon.

This is probably obvious - but maybe a few of you you hadn't thought of this.

Notes: 1) If your range to empty at that point is very small, be careful. 2) One buddy never does that, as he says there is sediment at the bottom of the tank that will foul up your motor. I believe him, but not strongly enough to heed that advice. 3) If the car is shared, discuss this with your fellow drivers. (They might get stressed if the fuel gauge gets anywhere close to the light coming on.)


jasonjyee said...

The other reason NOT to let your car's tank get empty is from my Dad (a mechanic for most of his life): The fuel pump is designed to move liquid, as you let the tank get low, it begins sucking air, which is bad for it and wears it out faster.

The Lone Beader said...

I never let my gas tank go below a 1/4 tank! I like to drive around on Full, just in case I end up in a car chase or something! LOL.

And, I predict that the gas price will go right back up again next week, so fill 'em up!

richies said...

2.10 per gallon here. 2 months ago it was 3.99.

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