Thursday, November 06, 2008

Go see this movie


It's good. If you're married, I would almost go as far as saying it's required viewing.

The acting is a little uneven - some of the actors are great and others are stiff - and the directing might be a little shallow. But its potential impact on your marriage makes it worth wading through.

If it's still playing in your area, and if you can get discount tickets from your local grocery store it will be a relatively cheap date!


David Porter said...


Thanks for stopping by "Boomer in the Pew" today and sharing your comment.

I haven't seen Fireproof yet. If I miss it in the theaters, I hope see it on DVD soon.

Thanks for the welcome to the Alltop on-line magazine rack.

Anonymous said...

It'd be cool if it made it to theaters in our part of the world. I wonder if they'd rate it 18 because it mentions God. thanks for reminder of this film—I heard of it somewhere/somehow, but your blog made me check out the trailer. Now I'm wanting to see the whole thing. Think it could encouraging to a lot of folks! Thanks, Paul. Wish D&I could check it out for a date!
Good to catch up on your blog tonight. -julie

Ray Foss said...

Great movie.