Friday, September 28, 2007

The BMW lady

Ralph Schomp is perhaps the best car dealer in Denver. They have the lowest pressure sales people. They have pretty fair prices and few if any hidden aspects to their deals.

They have been placing "post-it note" ads on the front page of the Denver newspaper. I was offended by that additional layer of advertising, because I feel like we are subjected to enough advertising already, as you saw from my post on Hertz.

But this ad totally cracked me up... how many people have so much disposable income that as soon as the kids are back in school, "Why, let's go out and buy a(nother) BMW"?!


I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Who did they model that wicked-looking woman after? So, when the kids are in school for 6 hours in the day she'll be toolin' around the rocky mtns. in her beemer? Is heather tempted?

jasonjyee said...

i think they found Yzma's evil daughter

Yzma, the villian from disney's "The Emperor's New Groove" picture here

The Lone Beader said...

That reminds me- I need to write 'Buy a '76 Monte Carlo' on my to-do list... LOL.