Thursday, September 06, 2007

More reduction

It sounds like "toilet seat for hounds" - but it just is a simple doggie poop bag. The bag is green plastic, of course, since most Europeans (and this American) are into "green". In this case, the plastic itself is not biodegradable. But it looks better than an orange bag if the user throws it away in a nearby hedge.

Made in Austria - for a Swiss market - but not for the French-speaking part, I guess. If you look at the two pictures, you can see that I shot pix of both sides - one German and one Italian.

My buddy Jim gave it to me after he made a trip to Europe. (Thanks Jim!) He knows I like unusual items - as do the faithful readers of this blog.

What's the "reduction" part about? Well, this little jewel is no longer in a box in my garage. And our dog Sparky will be an end user, of sorts.

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regressivepresby said...

Sirius, our German Shepherd has major gas. He can empty our living room, all the kids yelling.. its so bad, you can almost taste it.

All that to say, uhm, enjoy the 'products.'