Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Faithful readers of my previous blog* will know that I love good coffee.

I fired up my trusty Braun coffee grinder recently. Not out of a desire to have freshly ground coffee - but rather because the only coffee in the house was beans. (I am way too lazy to grind my beans each day. In this case, I ground the entire half-kilo all at once.)

In this case, the coffee beans are from Rwanda. Not from a supermarket with "Rwanda" on the label - but the package, beans & even the roasting were from Rwanda. My sister in Belgium gave them to me, via our cousin David, who bought them in Rwanda. He has an exotic job that takes him to many far-flung corners of the planet. (Thankfully, he was able to visit us two or three times while we were in Nairobi.)

By the way, the coffee is great. It's pretty dark, but that's the way I like it.

* Go here to read about coffee from my old blog.


Marti Smith said...

Note to self - drop by the M's house at coffee time!

Sven said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the coffee; my grandmother swore by grinding the beans jut seconds before subjecting them to the hot water.
we enjoy your blog!
very much love to everyone there.

regressivepresby said...

Oh man.. grinding the beans, (as darkly roasted and oily as possible), releasing that aroma into the kitchen, and then, tap...tap...tapping the outer rim of the grinder with the wedding ring finger, to get all the grounds out... and then anticipating that first hot, dark, head clearing sip.... now thats what makes getting up early worth, getting up early!

Ahhh.... enjoy.