Sunday, September 23, 2007

Christian worship songs

Eddie pointed me to this post. It is totally worth reading.

Ajt had a great comment. (His was number two on the list of 57 - I only got to number two.)

I agree with Prof. Stackhouse and Ajt.

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Marti Smith said...

Whoa, that's a lot of comments. I was tempted to leave one there but it looks like poor JS is ready to move on. Yeah, I don't like the 'Jesus is my boyfriend' songs either. Weird enough for a married man, but from my vantage point as a single, celibate Christian woman I too find it slimy and inappropriate to talk about Jesus like he's my lover. I'm not supposed to go there! But our medieval girl-mystics must have reached some level of trans-something where this worked for them...

Must be a hard thing to be a worship song writer, eh? So many pitfalls. I suppose inviting a whole congregation to sing in unison 'this is how I feel' when it might be untrue for 75% is among the most common.

I also still cringe at songs that are grammatically ambiguous [do you remember the one that went 'holiness, unto you Jesus, unto you Lord?' what does that mean?). And the ones that start "the one thing is..." and have three verses each with a different 'one' thing...

Prayer is just as tricky as worship. What's a bad prayer? I'm somewhat encouraged that God seems remarkably un-picky on this. Though I do like to see people get beyond 'thank you for this day, God bless so-and-so and make everything all better.' Bob Sjogren and co have some interesting material in 'how to pray,' here: