Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My sister lives in Belgium

Yes, Amy lives in the beautiful country of Belgium. She married Sven, who was born there. (If I tried to live in Belgium, it might take an act of Congress to get me a working visa.)

As you can tell from the pic, bicycles play a much greater role than they do in the States. (Every time I fire up the minivan here, I think of how many barrels of oil are meeting their demise.)

Anyhow, we stopped in Belgium on our way from Kenya back to Colorado - back in June. (There are no direct flights from East Africa to the States.) It was excellent to re-connect with Amy and Sven - as well as their son and new-to-us daughter. It was also fun to pat Amy's tummy - their third kiddo will arrive in November.

Heather and I both thought Belgium is a perfect country. Maybe it was the contrast after leaving Kenya. (Now don't get me wrong - I love Kenya. But my brain is hard-wired more to be comfortable in Europe than in Africa.)

Everything was so clean. Small cars were everywhere. Small European cars. New small European cars.

(The only small minivan available in the States is the new Mazda 5. And that doesn't fit our budget. So there go more of those oil barrels.)

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The Lone Beader said...

Ya know, I was just thinking of taking the Eurostar to Brussels for a day when I'm over in London in November... I hear they have good beer there=:)

And, all of Europe has small economical cars... Here in America, we must have big gas-guzzling vehicles that you can barely parallel park on the side of the street! Afterall, bigger is better, right??... I think we should take a hint from the Europeans... :/