Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why does it always have to be in your face?

Advertising, that is.

(I know the answer - profit, greed, the wheels of commerce, the fuel that ultimately pays all our salaries, etc.)

This Hertz ad was sticking out of every seatback-pocket of the flight I took back in July. Hertz paid a lot of money to get that Mazda in your face (or in your lap, as it were).

They had the wrong customer with me. If I rent a car, it's the cheapest class available.

I must hand it to the advertisers - they are always coming up with new places to get advertising into our awareness.

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The Lone Beader said...

When I rent a car, I try hard to get a model that I think I might like to buy regardless of price. Last year, I rented a Chevy Impala that only had 300 miles on it, and it was SWEET. I put 1500 miles on it in one week... Next, I want to rent a Dodge Charger=:)