Monday, September 10, 2007

More culture shock

This time it's over prices.

In the Sunday paper, there was a 4-page stand-alone ad for Ted's Montana Grill. We celebrated our anniversary there maybe five years ago. Their prices must have gone up. I was stunned - buy a $100 gift card and receive a $20 card as a bonus?

I guess I find it hard to spend $100 on a meal - when rural families in Kenya who are affected by AIDS could live on that for two months or more. (See Heather's post.)

And there is a feature in the ad about how great the chain is because they use paper straws instead of plastic. Micro-good, I call that.

Don't get me wrong - if someone gave us a $100 gift card for the restaurant, I'd somehow find a way to use it.


regressivepresby said...

I'm never sure what to do with stuff like this. Having lived in places where this sort of money really does go a long, long way- it seems so self indulgent. Yet, its a reality here. I've found I really don't enjoy the ostentatiousness anymore. I try not judge others (with varying degrees of success, mind you), realizing except for my experiences (God's grace), there go I. But the enjoyment is lost. Of course if I had that kind of money...

I love the 'micro-good' observation. We do that one so well.

I've never been to Ted Montana's, but do you have to use the whole gift certificate at once?

Paul Merrill said...

I dunno... they might let you use it over more than one visit.