Friday, September 14, 2007


In Nairobi, unemployment hovers around 60-70%. In Belgium, the rate is much lower. In Herentals, there are many employment agencies - all crying out for people to fill lots of open positions.

Several of those agencies have offices on the main high-traffic streets of the small downtown area - prime real estate. (This is a shot of one of their front windows.)

I have often wondered about global economics, in terms of how some countries have so much and other countries have so little. Why can't borders be opened and more sharing take place?

I realize this is a very complicated issue with no simple answers. But I do wish there were more possibilities for those in a place with so much - to share with those in a place with so little! Lots of opportunities exist, but pervasive selfishness seems to reign. I accuse myself in that regard, too. There's a lot more I could do to share.

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Bunk said...

The borders being opened between two seperate or multiple countries usually have both its positive and negative effects. You are correct in addressing that it is a touchy subject, however it is one that needs to be addressed if some form of change is ever to happen for certain people. You have an interesting blog here. Ill be dropping by to see what all you have to blog about.


Bunk Price