Monday, October 29, 2007

2 seconds, $700 - part two

[If you scroll down to the Oct. 23rd post, you can see part one.]

This little picture shows the damage to our car - basically a small scratch. I didn't even bother to get it repaired.

Now the deal is - the fact that I damaged the other vehicle to the tune of $700* points to the fact that his rear quarter panel should have been made out of the same impact-resistant plastic that my bumper is. If it were, my repair bill would have been a lot less, times how ever many thousand of little fender benders happen like that all over the world, each day.

(*Oh yeah - another $165 or something was added to the bill paid by my insurance for his rental car while his truck was being repaired - so the bill was more like $870.)

A footnote: Saturn made its cars with plastic body panels for many years. The point was to avoid getting dings on your door in the parking lot. I'm not sure if they still do; I think they went mainstream. Sigh.


Orrange said...

we have a saturn and brent is dismayed that he is driving a "plastic car", but we did throw many a basketball at it without any damage!

Brad Wright said...

Ouch... how frustrating for you.