Tuesday, October 23, 2007

2 seconds, $700

I backed into this Nissan Titan pickup. A minor dent, I thought. Sigh.

Well, my naive idea of covering the damage myself so our insurance wouldn't go up did not work. When the gracious guy who I backed into gave me his estimates, I saw that life is indeed more expensive in North America.

If I were in Nairobi, it would have cost about $70 to fix this. Ten times less!!

Moral of the story - pay attention, every second you are behind the wheel. Or have your accident in Nairobi.


jasonjyee said...

That's the problem with cars in the US... nobody bothers to fix them. it's $700 because they'll pull off the old fender and replace the entire part. so the breakdown will probably be like $50 labor and $650 parts... when it really should be $100 labor and a few bucks for touch up paint

rob said...

Count your blessings. I did this in grad school, and asked for an estimate but instead was stuck with a repair bill that included even the air conditioning!