Monday, October 08, 2007

The Forney Transportation Museum

Some good friends came into town from Arizona recently. We did one of those great things that such occasions bring about - we visited a place in town we hadn't been to before.

This museum does indeed have a great variety of transportation objects.

Probably my favorite was the little red car you see here - a Messerschmidt. It was built by a company that later became part of BMW.

And the white car - a Renault Dauphine. That reminded me of my childhood - when I lived in the Washington DC suburbs, those were pretty popular, relatively speaking.

So yeah, the museum is worth a visit, even if you're not a car guy like me. (The two ladies along had a good time too - though not as good as the guys. Heather enjoyed the period costumes that many of the mannekens wore. Apparently Mrs. Forney had quite a wardrobe.)


Marti Smith said...

Never heard of it - pays to be a tourist in your own city now and again! I'll put this on my list and take my dad there someday.

The Lone Beader said...

Cool! I like the last car best:)

Rich said...

One fun thing about ebay is that you can generally find ads there for BMW Isettas, Nash Metropolitans, and occasionally even a Messerschmidt. Now I'll have to watch for Dauphins too.