Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Saturday away from the city

We did not take our Lear Jet to Aspen. (But there were more small private jets there than I had ever seen anywhere in my life. Apparently some major conference was there, and one candidate for president came for it. I borrowed this pic from the Aspen newspaper for that day.)

We drove over to Glenwood Springs to visit Heather's parents, who were there for a few nights. We all enjoyed a few hours at the Hot Springs Pool. They have the largest hot tub I've ever enjoyed. (And the boys got to also!)

On a whim, we decided to go back by way of Aspen. (That's one of my favorite places in the world - if you include nearby Independence Pass and the Maroon Bells.)

We didn't go to the Prado store. We did spend 99c for sundaes at the most subtle MacDonalds you'll find anywhere in the States.

We stopped by the Roaring Fork River on the way up the pass. I coulda spent an hour there alone.

Finally, Jay enjoyed a snowball fight at the top of Independence Pass. He coulda spent an hour there alone. Or if the rest of us would have stayed out there, braving the wind and cold.


Heather Jamison said...

Again, very jealous. It's gorgeous there. :)

regressivepresby said...

Dude-- rub it in, why don't ya.

edpugh said...

Reminds me of my trip to Colorado all those years ago.