Thursday, October 25, 2007

I have tried this

Yes, Russell Stover has a new line of chocolates. They are good.

I was visiting my mom in Texas. (Well, I was there on business - and I stayed with her for part of the time.) She likes chocolate, like I do. (Genetics.) She found a buy one get one free coupon. We did it.

I had to note that the castle featured on the package is not in the Black Forest. In fact, it's pretty far from it. (Double-click the pic to see a larger version of the package.)

Update: I wrote to them, and here's what they said: "The German Black Forest Truffle is representative of the Black Forest Cake dessert- dark chocolate, hint of cherry center and accented with milk chocolate. Though we recognize and acknowledge the Neuschwanstein is not in the Black Forest, we felt it was an appropriate icon for Germany." Pretty lame, I think.

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Patriot said...

Anything chocolate looks good to me . .

Just wanted to let you know I'm hosting a giveaway - come check it out! Thanks!