Thursday, October 11, 2007

Call me cynical

...and you'd be right!

I can't see spending $164 for this little table. Ya gotta be a huge Broncos fan to spend that. (Or if money is tight, an installment plan is available - four monthly installments of just $41.)

Also, I'd wager that most of these will end up at a garage sale 10 years from now. The collectors among us will put them in their rented storage space. Then their children will put them in a garage sale 20 years later, after the owners die.


I Was Just Thinking.... said...


regressivepresby said...

now... if it had an Ave's logo....

Julie Layne said...

Ok, last night I was just looking at fireplace screens online because our fireplace is taller than the normal ones. They seriously have fireplace screens with a million different team logos like this--huge, front and center. They're something like three hundred bucks.

Who knew?

And what woman would let her husband do that? (I realize that's a sexist remark, but really.)