Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Swedish Girlfriend

I have this friend Alex. I haven't seen him in more than two years. He lives an adventurous lifestyle. His travels often take him to China.

So at one point, he had a Swedish girlfriend. She stayed with us for a week or so, when they were figuring things out.

During one of his visits to Sweden, he brought me back this souvenir - Fisherman's Friend - the Swedish version. (In this case, the fisherman's friend is Swedish.)


Rob said...

FF is all over Germany. You can buy it anywhere Great stuff. You either love it or hate it. I really like it, but my wife hates it.

Claire said...

Fisherman's Friends bring back many memories of Christmas concerts in the UK. I got through quite a few in desperate attempts to help soothe tickly coughs. Delighted to find them in Nairobi too! (You never saw them there?) Christmas concert 2005 with Nairobi Orchestra saw me with a nasty cough - guess what I was using then....?!