Monday, January 07, 2008

Celestial Seasonings

I love factory tours.

During the Christmas holidays, we went up to Boulder to tour the Celestial Seasonings factory. It was fun - and free (not counting the money we spent on gas).

The tour itself was interesting. The famous "Mint Room" was overwhelming in its pungency, as I had heard. Another tip a previous tour recipient gave us was to go on a day when the factory is running. We did so, and that was worth it. (We went to a chocolate factory in Denver one year, and very few of the production lines were running - that was a disappointment.)

The highlight for me was the tea room - where we hung out before our tour started. About 5 hot teas and 4 cold teas were available to drink. Excellent! They had all manner of sweeteners, including what I used - some honey-like agave syrup (light and dark).

Gracing the walls of the tea room are original paintings that were used for the illustrations on the tea packages. Beautiful artwork!

So, see?! I do make this blog a little bit about Colorado, from time to time.


The Lone Beader said...

What an interesting place to tour! I love tea, so I would have enjoyed that:)

Shilingi-Moja said...

Sounds interesting. So, with 5 hot and 4 cold teas before the tour, did they have the "necessaries" well labeled on the tour? :) (Sorry, couldn't help myself -- do you know that Kenyan idiom?)


Paul Merrill said...

Yes, we all visited the appropriate rest stops before and after the tour!