Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Some have been calling the post-
election clashes in Kenya a genocide (the Luos vs. the Kikuyus).

Let's not call use that term in this case; I think it's not to that scale. And I'm hoping it doesn't reach that scale.

Some reports have said as many as 300 have died. Some say more.

It is very unreal to be watching the chaos from nine thousand miles away. My heart and Heather's heart are very much over there with our friends and colleagues living in Kenya.

Seeing what Raila and Kibaki are doing to the beautiful country of Kenya (by not seeking reconciliation with each other) is like watching someone throw a beautiful piece of handmade pottery down on the ground and smashing it to bits.

As you pray, please pray for tomorrow - Raila, the opposition leader who lost the election, has called for a rally to protest the election results, tomorrow (Thursday the 3rd). This will most likely not be a peaceful rally!

Photo from BBC - a family being forced to leave their home in the Mathare neighborhood of Nairobi.

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Dave Moody said...

I read were he, Raila's party, called off the rally. Lord have mercy...