Thursday, January 31, 2008

Missed Obama

Early Tuesday morning, Heather and I went down to the University of Denver to see Mr. Al Obama give a pep rally. The problem was that we didn't camp out overnight like a lot of people did. So after waiting in line for about an hour, we left. Well, we left after I figured out that there was no way in the world that we were going to fit in the 10,000-seat arena, since maybe 20,000 people were in line before us, and the arena was already probably half-filled.

They didn't quite have the logistics worked out.

No comments here about whether Mr. Obama is the man for the job. (I can tell you that Hillary will not be my choice, though!) We just thought it would be interesting to hear his words live, in person (well, looking at a little dot on the stage). Alas, not to be.


The Lone Beader said...

I worked an Obama rally last fall. No comment here, either. LOL.

Orrange said...

bummer that you didn't get in. I am glad however that i didn't go down there with my two little kids like i was considering doing!

Dave Moody said...

It would've been fun and interesting to hear him.