Thursday, January 17, 2008

The reason why Kenya is messed up right now


Kenya's government also brushed aside threats by its major international donors, including the United States, to review foreign aid.

"Our budget is not dependent on foreign funding," said Alfred Mutua, a government spokesman. "The government cannot be blackmailed. You are here as our development partners, you are not here to blackmail and threaten us," he said referring to foreign donors. "We have said our government will continue as always. They should not try to threaten us."

The US and others are threatening to take away their aid ($600 million a year) partly because:

American diplomats in Kenya recently finished their own analysis of the voting results and concluded that the election was so flawed it was impossible to tell who really won.

(From an article by the New York Times.)

Update (Friday): More than 700 people have been killed in riots, police raids and ethnically-driven clashes since Kibaki was declared the winner of the election on December 30th. (AFP)

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