Friday, January 25, 2008

One of the worst

Here's one of the worst looking blogs I have run across in a long time.

The worst feature (besides the day-glow yellow) is the huge section after every single post that is given over to "Share the love" and "Send this post to a friend".


Shilingi-Moja said...

It IS an annoying blog. I read through several of the posts, though, and the content isn't bad. I did get amused at the post on How to get a job. His second tip was Zero errors. Then, in tip #5, Don't take the wrong job..., he started with a typo (missing word):

If want a marketing job, don't take an admin job and hope you get promoted.

Bob (grieving for Kenya)

Dave Moody said...

the yellow is annoying...

soulreavers said...

agreed. Horrible color (although that could be intentional for visually remembering him and for getting hits by word of mouth), not so subtle ending tag-lines to each article, but content was suprisingly good. Will I visit it again? Probably not.