Friday, January 11, 2008

Why your company should have a blog

Bill Israel: "Strange as it may sound, but I prefer to buy from a company that maintains a blog. I suppose there’s something about the transparency that I find reassuring."


The Lone Beader said...

Blogs can be a very good thing for a business.

jasonjyee said...

Interesting, but a bit out of touch I think. Having friends intimately connected with blogging (through pyra, the founders of blogger and one who has taught on corporate blogging in an academic setting), the notion of businesses blogging is more often than not, quite misguided. corporates blog because it's hip and cool, despite often not knowing what a blog is and even more often not having anything meaningful to say. Very few companies/corporates have anything useful to say in a blog (Bob Parsons, ceo of being one of the best exception examples - great blog there).

A more accurate statement would be that he should prefer to buy from a company with a GOOD blog... otherwise it's not transparency, it's simply evidence that the company is desperate to make itself seem hip/cool/relevant.

e.g. many record companies have corporate blogs, but the braindead cookie cutter music they keep spewing and their stance on DRM/fair use/licensing issues shows that they are completely out of touch with consumers (and completely in touch with greed)... so what's that say about the recording industry?