Thursday, January 24, 2008

What all this unhappiness?

I don't know if you noticed that the American rap (hip hop) culture basically says that their males must be unhappy at all times. I have studied ads featuring men in that demographic, and they always have an angry expression on their faces.

Why? I guess it's cool to be angry.

It's yet another proof that wealth is not the secret to happiness. The clothing outfits those guys are advertising cost about what our entire family spends on clothes for one year.

The message of this ad certainly is not "buy these clothes and you'll be happy." Maybe it's: "buy these clothes and you'll be cool - and that will make you happy." And perhaps today's happy does not have to have a smile attached.

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jasonjyee said...

In the late 90's, when Diesel was more couture, they used to have ads that actually said, buy this and you will be happy. no hinting at it, no subtle message, just printed bluntly.