Thursday, January 03, 2008

We were about 3 miles away

Just as a frame of reference, we lived about 3 miles from Uhuru Park, where the rally was supposed to take place.

Here's a message today from our friends who now live in that apartment: "We live in a really secure compound and in a secure flat on the first floor. We didn't go anywhere today and we are planning on staying put tomorrow too. The situation in Kenya is super tense and totally uncertain. There isn't a lot of food around. Praise God that we did a big shopping trip and we have nearly a full tank of petrol should the need arise. So we are all safe and will continue to be so."

Anyhow, tomorrow may be another attempt by the opposition to stage a rally.

And apparently, since I wrote this morning, Kibaki said he is willing to talk to Raila - "I am ready to have dialogue with the concerned parties once the nation is calm and the political temperatures are lowered enough for constructive and productive engagement." (Source: BBC)


Ssembonge said...

Paul, Your concern for a better Kenya is much appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay and have fond memories of Kenya.

Julie Layne said...

Some folks our church supports are also in Kenya and in a pretty tense situation. They temporarily moved from their home several days ago, which is near the Kibera area where much of the unrest has been, to a guest house on a school campus where I guess they are safer.

I am thankful you guys are home and safe in the U.S.