Friday, April 11, 2008

Found, random

We went downtown one day during the kids' spring break, for a family activity. One of the places we visited was the Denver Public Library. (At some point, I will blog about one of the amazing things we saw there.)

Anyhow, someone left this note on a table. I was amused at that little cryptic glimpse into someone else's life.

There's a magazine called "Found" that goes along with this concept. I have never bought the magazine, but they have an interesting website.


Hannah said...

I just can't understand that handwriting!

Shilingi-Moja said...

Hmmmm. Paul's back to picking up trash. Next thing you know, he will be putting together art collages made from discarded library notes and grocery lists! :)

Paul Merrill said...

Hannah, here's the interpretation:

Paul Nygren
3 15
Banker -

Buying Loan
Solution ?!

Anonymous said...

If Paul starts a new card series, we'll be first in line to buy a set. We can collect some trash for you here in Malaysia if you'd like ;-)

Julie Layne said...

I once found a little love note written on hotel stationery buried in a paperback book I bought at a neighbor's garage sale. I didn't know their names, so wasn't sure who the note was from or to--them, or half of them? Maybe even the person who sold them the book?

Sure made me wonder, and gave me a good story idea, too.

Now, I always flip through any books I return to the library or sell or loan. Not that I have anything dark to hide, but still it made me think!

TheElementary said...

I just found your blog and am enjoying reading about your adventures.
That is a surely cryptic note; I tend to prefer used books over new because of what might be found in them.
Excellent blog.