Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Yes, today is earth day.

I love how Google commemorates random holidays.

As any reader of my blog knows, I'm pretty much into green. However, I've gotten a little burned out on the completely over-the-top coverage of green-ness in all media outlets of late. So I won't give you any new green idea today.

Update: I ran a few errands on my bicycle. Not a single other bicycle rider was on the roads. Shame.


Marti said...

My sister, who lives in greener climes (in more ways than one) reports, "while i was walking to work a guy on his bike, from the sierra club, stopped me and gave me a little envelope that said "thank you for biking, bussing, or walking to work today!" inside were lots of coupons, for espresso, bus coupons for 2 local transit systems, etc. definitely coupons i will use. it was kind of cool."

Paul Merrill said...

I think Denver does that for its annual bike-to-work day.

Jenny said...

I love the way Google changes for occasions too.