Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Going through treasures, part 1: foreign airlines

Members of the group I used to work for traveled to some far-flung parts of the globe. I never got to do so (with them), but a few of my sympathetic colleagues brought back little treasures for me.

From the tales that were told (and from a few of my experiences with other non-"western" airlines), I know that the standard of service with these featured airlines isn't quite what you might hope for from an American or European airline.

(Since we returned to the States a little under a year ago, I have been slowly going through treasures to reduce my load. I can't keep everything! And sharing them with you lets them last a little longer before they go to the place where they can never be recovered.)


I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Ah, Paul, it makes me a bit sad that you're throwing away these remnants from the past. They are so kitchy. So one of a kind.
I will NEVER forget flying on aeroflot inside Russia - scariest airplane ride I've ever been on. Think of a bus from India 30,000 in the air.

Julie in SEA said...

1 of my favorite travel memories was leaving Damascus to fly back to Istanbul (I think on Turkish Air). Dave was violently ill, like blowing chunks every few minutes from food poisoning. These guys were smoking on board & I got very NON-cultural, with Muslim men and started yelling at them to stop. Looking back it was hysterical, but I was so determined to protect my 'dying' husband's last breath, make it smoke-free. Those guys probably told that story around their water-cooler that day, laughing at this crazy small white woman who tried to take matters into her own hands.

Julie in SEA said...

1 more thing: our airlines on this side of the world are light-years ahead of any US domestic airlines in terms of service. Probably because the cabin crew is often 20 years younger than me, I feel like royalty on their flights, even in economy. But back to reality when we jump on US carriers with, I'm sorry, but the older, ready to retire set of crew. They SCARE me.

julochka said...

seeing your aeroflot towelette makes me think of a story i heard waiting in line to change money in moscow...the brits in the line had been on an aeroflot flight where a woman complained that the seatbelt on her seat didn't fasten. a chivalrous gentleman in her vicinity agreed to change seats with her, so she changed and buckled in. when the plane took off, she discovered that although her seatbelt worked, her seat itself wasn't fastened down, so she went flying backwards...

you should consider yourself lucky not to have flown aeroflot yourself. at least not internal aeroflot. :-)

found my way to your blog from The Elementary's. glad i stopped by! i'll be back.