Monday, April 28, 2008


This photo is from a blogger in London: "I saw this today, plastered on a couple of buildings in Finsbury Square. No idea what it's about, but I can imagine this image coming in handy for many presentations. Please help yourselves."

By the way, my personality type is generally not of the unsure variety. Heather likes to ponder decisions before and after. God brought us together because opposites attract. This difference has been a good thing in our lives.

(And I have to say that a lot of the attributes on the poster are kind of negative. Heather has hardly any of those characteristics.)


eclexia said...

The irony of this post showing up on bloglines when it did made me smile. I had just finished commenting someplace else along the lines that for all the hype that "being confident" gets, the world could occasionally use a little less confidence and a little bit more doubt about some things :)

Well, this is certainly more than just a little bit!

I'm an ISFJ and it has taken me a long while to get over how other people see my doubting and to just be okay with it for the gift that it often is. Yes, weaknesses come with it, but doubt and uncertainty are not only or always a weakness.

Jon said...

INFP. but i also am a visual thinker. Which means that your way of looking is important to me. like this post.

Thank you.