Saturday, April 19, 2008

More Japan

Yes, someday I might visit that crazy country.

Thanks to Jill (without permission). But then, I'm not making any profit out of sharing her lovely set of photos with you.

And here's a great site also featuring lotsa wonderful photos of Japan.


Jill said...

Tokyo was a very cool city to explore. I was only there for a week but I really enjoyed it.


leaf, probably... said...

I've got a friend over there right now, she absolutely loves it.

The Lone Beader said...

The make some of the world's best seed beads in Japan, so I will visit someday too. One of my best friends is from there, and he says I can stay at his parents house! :D

Ruben said...

Thanks a lot, I'm happy you like my photoblog (reallyjapan)..

By the way, the scene in the picture is pretty common, at least in not extremely crowded neighborhood.. Usually when kindergarten teachers have to move the children somewhere in the nearby (some trips, going to a zoo, or something like that) they put them in those small "cages" :D
However, not everyone, just some kids, I guess that's just for the brats ;)