Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The long and tortured journey

This box went from Nairobi to London (from Heathrow to Gatwick) to Dallas to Orlando to Denver.

The worst part of the journey was a very pain-filled hour or two in Nairobi at the airport - because we had unthinkingly packed a toy gun in the box. This freaked the customs officials out. They took that opportunity to make life extremely difficult for Ken, a very kind colleague who agreed to carry the box back to the States for us.

This box (and two others) were to have joined us in July 2007. A mix-up happened and they didn't get on that particular plane. Next, a kind group of short-term missionaries were going to carry them back to Denver for us in January. Then Kenya reeled into chaos, after the botched presidential election. So those people didn't go to Kenya.

So we issue a sincere and hearty thanks to Ken, Paul (not me - another Paul) and Mike - each of whom carried one of the boxes for us. Special thanks also go to Josh and Audra, who cared for the boxes in Nairobi, for all that time - and saw that they made it to the right couriers.

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The Lone Beader said...

Is there anything fragile, hazardous, or perishable inside the box?

(sorry, I have to ask. LOL)