Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What were they thinking, part 67

I was driving downtown the other day to meet with the design group that is doing a website for the organization I work for. As I passed through this fancy neighborhood, I saw these two houses, right across the street from each other. One is maybe 1,200 square feet. The other might hit 4,300. One was built in about 1938. The other in maybe 2002. One looks like a house. The other looks like it could be a dental office - or a radiation/chemotherapy dispensary.

I know that the east side of that street might be slated for "scrape" maneuvers (whereby residential construction companies buy a house and tear it down to build a much fancier home on the same lot). But still - let's have a little more architectural sensitivity, folks!

Tech note: if you look closely at my photo, you'll see that the power lines magically break into a blur just above the left corner of the house. That's because the photo is really a panoramic collage, stitched together using Photoshop CS3's Automate > Photomerge command. It's an amazing thing, if you've never tried it. (I was too lazy to make the power lines look natural.)


I Was Just Thinking.... said...

It looks like they used xeroscape (sp?) for their landscaping. You've got to give them some credit for that!

Jenny said...

It certainly is ugly.