Thursday, April 03, 2008

Orlando architecture

This week, I have been in Orlando for a Photoshop expo and training seminar. On our way back to where we* are staying (Wycliffe's apartments - kind of like hotel rooms), we passed by this place. I had to stop to take this, so I could share it with you: an upside-down building! It's some kind of a big video game arcade.

It's just a reflection of how Orlando is kind of like Las Vegas - a place where (many) people come to play.

* ("We" = me and Kirby, a colleague and friend. Heather graciously is keeping the home running in my absence. Thank you Heather!)


Marti said...

That is one strange house. And yes, kind of a strange city, isn't it?

Paul Merrill said...

Orlando is strange. It's kind of like Vegas.

Jenny said...

What a funny building!